The Ultimate Smoked Prime Rib Recipe

 Getting ready

Get some good prime rib, some spices, and a smoker. To get the prime rib ready, cut off any extra fat and season it well with your favorite rub or sauce.


Heat up your smoker until it's the right temperature (about 225°F). After you season the prime rib, cook it slowly on the grill for a few hours or until it's done the way you like it.

For at least 15 to 20 minutes after taking the prime rib out of the grill, let it rest. This lets the juices move around, which makes sure the final product is juicy and tasty.


Cut the smoked prime rib into thick, juicy pieces and put them on a plate with your favorite sides. This smoked prime rib will be a hit at any event, from a holiday feast to a garden party.

this is the best smoked prime rib recipe ever. You'll be a smoker master in no time. This tasty and filling dish will wow your friends and show off your cooking skills.